Sunday, April 19, 2009

Race started under a full course caution due to the inclement
weather. After 9 laps they quit that noise and let the drivers
give us a show. I had the perfect seat, it was 10th row from the
slowest corner which is preceded by the fastest straightaway. 
Rainy conditions made it a thrill to watch and the noises were 
amazing. In the first few laps after the safety car left, and the 
field was still closely grouped together, there was just 45 second
of constant down shifting. The cars would drift slightly as they
got back into power and then every sequential gear they would
bang the rev limiters as they lost traction in the rain. The noise
those engines make is not describable. I thought rotaries sounded
cool in person when they rev to 9,000rpm, but 27,000rpm is 
quite literally an entirely different arena. Great experience. I
have to hand it to Sebastian Vettel. He and Jensen Button 
crushed in their Red Bull cars. I did a little research on him.
He is a month younger than I am. Why isn't that me?
I just had to be good at art, didn't I?

Bring F1 back to America.

I will come.

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