Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

I cleaned out my apartment this Sunday
as a means of getting over a nasty
illness. To vacuum and steam clean my
living room I needed to displace my bikes
normally scattered about. As they stacked
up and eventually took up all of my bed
room, I thought it funny and would snap
a picture of how ridiculous my bike problem
is getting.

Where am I going to store my Transport?

Kate at Subway.

Subway makes Kate smirky.

Trek Rig: Sticker Update.

I got an Illest sticker pack with my new
shirt, so I decided to sticker up my newest
bike. I removed all of the Fox Shox stickers
from the fork and threw on a 7" vinyl.

As a tribute to Gary Fisher, I included an
"I Fatlace San Francisco" on the Seat Tube.
The colors actually match the bike really

Looking forward to getting it really dirty.

Kwame Update.

Still hanging around. Still chewing on stuff. Still Cute.

Rally on the Square.

Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine
said the Madison, Wisconsin has the potential
to be the next Cairo.

Being a savy photo blogger, I figured I would
swing by and see what people were saying.
Turns out, it's just a bunch of hippies yelling
that all we have to do to solve the worlds
problems is "Tax the Rich".

Just as simple as that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Bike Day: 2011 Trek Gary Fisher Collection Rig.

Spring is almost here and I have got some motivation to
ride the trails out by Trek's Headquarters. Problem being,
I have never owned a mountain bike (until today), so I
was always borrowing bikes that may have not fit me and
we almost never set up properly for me.

So, I bought a Rig.

2011 Trek Gary Fisher Collection Rig

-Single Speed
-Hard Tail
-Hydraulic Disc Brakes
-Fox Racing Shock Suspension Fork


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kwame is Back.

Kwame is back after his small vacation
in Michigan.

He was excited to see me and then he
pooped on Michigan Ave outside the
Crate and Barrel.

Tanks for Nothing.

This was outside LuxBar where we had lunch.

Coincidentally, Jesse Jackson was also having lunch there
as well.


Swoosh Banisters.


Killing Time on Michigan Ave.

Waiting for Dad, Cate and Kwame led us to exploring
N. Michigan Avenue. Kate got lost but Apple Stores got

Nary and iPad in the whole place.

Chicago in the Morning: 35 Stories Up.

Grey Skies melt into a frozen Lake Michigan.

Spring is upon us and I, for one, cannot wait.

Chicago at Night: 35 Stories Up.

Michigan Avenue glows gold and smells like
what Detroit could have been.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Capitol Building.

Equally as pretty as Madison's.

3-4 times the size.


I tried taking pictures with the lens half
off of my 500D. Some came out pretty
decent looking.

When Toyotas used to be reliable.

And chrome dogs were stickers.

Walk in Austin.

Austin is an amazing town. Not much unlike
Madison it is home to both the state capitol
building and a large state college.

The city shows its growing pains as it attempts
to accomodate the rampant growth onset by
Dell and other major companies in the area.

I was there in February and it was beautiful.

It was 74 degrees and lovely.

Probably sucks in July.

Friendly Truck.

Says, "Hi".

DiaCompe in the Garbage.

Party Foul?

NAHBS: Bike Valet

I would argue that the bikes people were riding
to the show were equally as, if not doubly as
important, as the bikes on podiums.

Understanding how people use their bikes
is paramount in developing more appropriate

G Raj Mahal

Nice little Indian Restaurant.

NAHBS: Random: Part Three

Hey Look! It's a Subaru on a T-Shirt.

NAHBS: Bilenky Cycle Works.

They wore overalls.

NAHBS: Random: Part Deux


NAHBS: Random

Pretty Slick.