Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ridiculous Birthday Wish-list.

Canon BG-E11 Magnesium Battery Grip Extender.

27" iMac for that glorious photo-editing screen.

Canon SpeedLite 600EX-RT Flash

Canon 24-70L f2.8

Olly Moss Star Wars Prints.

All awesome. All completely way too expensive.

5D Test: In camera HDR.

Uncorrected HDR images made by the Camera.
Settings were; Vivid, Bold, Embossed.

Take it or leave it. Photoshop can do better.

Melted Peeps.

I get them every year. I do not particularly like eating them.

So every year I melt them.

Kwame and George.

Friends forever.

Some Cigar Bar I forgot the name of.

Somehow I ended up with that cigar

Matt got mad because we bought him
weird drinks.

Great Lakes Distillery.

Incredibly knowledgable when confronted
with questions about the origins and history
of Absinthe.

I learned a lot about Whiskey as well.

Lakefront Brewery.

Somewhere between Microbrew and "Smaller Beer Company"
lies Lakefront. Technically considered a Regional Beer
Supplier, they claim to make less beer annually than Coors
spills daily.

But they have a pretty neat tour that involves a Chalet for
Bernie the Brewer that they bought at auction.

Miller wanted to buy it back from them when building
Miller Park. Lakefront said they could have it for free
as long as they put Lakefront Brewery logos all over it.

Needless to say, Miller declined.


As seen from the passenger seat of an Acura TSX.

BikeSnobNYC BRA (Book Related Appearance) BRA.

BikeSnob gave his presentation at the
west side Barnes and Noble (albeit, with
a pad of paper in lieu of a multimedia
presentation filled with (what I have been
told) humorous images).

He defaced my book with his signature
and gave me an AYHSMB ass saver.

BikeSnobNYC BRA (Book Related Appearance) Ride.

BikeSnob came out to Madison to promote his new book
The Enlightened Cyclist and enjoy all the splendor that is
our fair state's capitol. We rode from Machinery Row to
Barnes and Nobel (with a stop at the terrace for beer).

Ryan Galstad. Engineer. Mustache Grower.

I swear he DOES smile. He just wanted to
look tough with his facial hair.

And it worked.

VW Lightroom Test.

Acquainting myself with all the cool things Lightroom has
to offer. Preset filters are cheesy but batch processing
is so much nicer than Camera Raw.

The Capitol Building

In all the glory that a full-frame sensor
can provide.

There were just a few test shots I took
with my 50mm and 17-40mm to get
used to shooting without the crop factor.