Sunday, March 25, 2012

My other VW is a VW.

Seen on the Street. 3 Blocks from my House.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kwame in the Backyard.

Quick sample of 5D footage. Liking the new toy
so far!



Anyone in the market for some gently used cropped sensor

I've got two of them.

The NEW iPad

Unboxed and ready to rock. Maybe not a clear sale to an
iPad 2 user, but coming from the iPad (classic edition), the
camera (uprated!) screen and speed are welcome features.

Images are print quality. Pixels are not perceivable to the
eye and all of my digital images look smooth and crisp.

It will also be a huge help with note taking at school and
while traveling for work.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unterseeboot 505.

During WWII, the US Navy captured and
secured this Nazi U-Boat. In it, a means to
decode Nazi communications. All of this
was vastly interesting. They even had an
exhibit highlighting how they got the U-Boat
in the museum in 1 piece (spoiler: the built
the museum around the sub), which in and
of itself was amazingly interesting.

Interactive Science Composition.

Pretty things.


Shedd had a pretty amazing Jellyfish
exhibit at the time. These things are pretty
lame but they take sweet pictures.

Shedd Aquarium

My first trip to the Shedd. We got there
as it opened at 9 and the line was fairly
manageable. After getting out around
noon, the line stretched almost around
the Field Museum. However, it is certainly
worth it. Make sure you get there early.

Needs more sharks.

Big Fish.

The Amazon River and the Rain Forest
that surrounds it scares me to my very
core. Those fish could have easily swallowed
that ginger child without much difficulty.

The BlackStone.

I love hotels that overlook Lake Michigan.

It's one of my favorite lakes.

PS Vita. 3G/Wifi.

Nice little bit of hardware. Cannot wait for developers
to fully realize the interfaces this thing has to offer.

Mad City Roller Derby.

Unholy Rollers vs. Reservoir Dolls.

Sky High Sports: Naperville, Illinois.

Last weekend Kate and I drove down to Naperville to meet
up with Nick and Lisa. Why Naperville? Sky High Sports,
thats why. A huge industrial complex houses this huge
space filled with trampolines. Fairly reasonable rates
meant an amazing amount of little ones running around.
To avoid the parent hate, we opted to rent out the back
"private party" room for an hour. Best decision we made
all weekend. After maintaining a bounce while playing a
free-for-all/gender based game of dodgeball for an hour,
your legs are cooked! This is a reality that I had often
dreamed about as a youth and the novelty does not wear
off. I delighted myself each time I was able to make some
crazy corner wall to wall transition with the inevitable
dodgeball headshot at the end.

Go to there.