Thursday, August 26, 2010


People have been complaining about a lack
of cute things on my blog.

This is what I do to appease them.

Caitlin's 21st.

It is my sisters birthday today, and while I am mere hours
away from departing for Europe, I wanted catch the internet
up on what I got her. Last weekend I drove to Chicago to
meet up with her (halfway) and treat her to lunch.

While I was there, I presented her with (to the surprise of
essentially nobody) a bicycle. A 2010 Trek Belleville.

Made of Recyclable Steel with an emphasis on ecologically
friendly supply chains as well as the entire of the product
lifecycle. It has a front dynamo hub which powers the headlight
and taillight. Equipped with full fenders and racks, it will be
more than capable of guiding her to and from class with a
full load of books and make her look awesome doing it

She seemed stoked about it.

Post Trek World: Tiki Bar Party.

The ID team got together after the whirlwind
of activity that was Trek World 2K10. Baumann
and Lichtman had boats pulling people while
landlovers got access to an open bar and open

Misquotes eventually got the best of the team
and we disbanded as the sun set.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sailing.

Went sailing today for the first time ever.

Might I be so bold as to suggest this is the best way to spend
a day recovering from a bike ride across Iowa.

Ragbrai: Bracelets

Rider Number.
Beer Tent.
Sweaty, Dirty, Greasy, Grime-y, Deteriorating orange twine.

Ragbrai: Accessories

What purpose does this mirror serve if it's pointed at objects
that are already in your peripheral vision?


Ragbrai: Kaibo

People from Iowa call porta-johns, "Kaibos".

That is all.

Ragbrai: Aftermath

What happens after a day of riding?

-Dogs wear Trek sunglasses
-Beer becomes ingested
-Bikes rest
-Tan lines get admired
-Engineers cool off

Ragbrai: Spin Doctors.

I swear this next part is true. At the 8 host cities that we
rode to on the trip, the townspeople would set up a party
and concert for the riders. Below is a list of bands that
freed up time in their busy tour schedule to make their
way out to obscure towns (even by Iowa standards) to
play music for disinterested, starving and putrid bicycle

Smash Mouth
Spin Doctors

Ragbrai: TTV

Played around with my TTV on the trip. Here's some stuff.

Dig on it.

Ragbrai: Krautbauers.

Andrews dad, Ken Krautbauer, came along to chauffeur the
team around Iowa, help the support team and be an all around
bad-ass story teller.

With the two Krautbauer's united, Iowa state patrol was put
on high alert and luckily, did not have to get involved.

Andrew found a "Kum & Go" branded 100 oz. Thermos.

Ragbrai: Prep Work.

Jess Braun was given the daunting task
of getting 12 people from Waterloo, WI
to Sioux Falls, Iowa. Those people selfishly
demanded that she find a way to transport
their bikes as well. Luckily, Trek has an
righteous proto-hop, extruded steel and
yakima roof rack attachments. With a little
ingenuity, nylon tie downs and some gentle
massaging, the bikes were on and we were
sailing down the road with our completely
custom, tour-worthy bike rack.

Krautbauer supervised the installation