Thursday, August 26, 2010

Caitlin's 21st.

It is my sisters birthday today, and while I am mere hours
away from departing for Europe, I wanted catch the internet
up on what I got her. Last weekend I drove to Chicago to
meet up with her (halfway) and treat her to lunch.

While I was there, I presented her with (to the surprise of
essentially nobody) a bicycle. A 2010 Trek Belleville.

Made of Recyclable Steel with an emphasis on ecologically
friendly supply chains as well as the entire of the product
lifecycle. It has a front dynamo hub which powers the headlight
and taillight. Equipped with full fenders and racks, it will be
more than capable of guiding her to and from class with a
full load of books and make her look awesome doing it

She seemed stoked about it.

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