Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pudong International Airport.

Not a bad place to leave Shanghai.

I got bumped from my transferring flight
to Tokyo and placed on a direct flight to

Classy airport.

It includes a Maglev Terminal to boot.

Eclipse/Youth in Asia: Part Nine/Harry Wang

So, the eclipse pretty much got rained out in Shanghai, but
it was definitely cool to see the lights slowly turn off and
then, inversely, come back on.

Small girl came out of nowhere so I gave her my eclipse
glasses. No parents in sight.

Harry Wang. If you should ever see this person walking
on the street. You make sure you hug him.

You hug him good.

Very Good.

Aptly named.

Might I suggest the Goo Lah Roh Fahn.

Either that or Yung Joe Chow Fahn.


That wedding statue reminds me of that
scene from Beetle Juice when they have
they have the séance and their wedding
outfits levitate next to each other.

The top guy was my buddy. I've had my
share of dumplings under that arm. I
introduced him to Tom Waits.

He digged it.

Youth in Asia: Part Eight.

Where in the hell are you parents?

Cute Kid.




1.4 Billion Smiling Faces.

Might want to pay attention to that composite blade spinning
at 15,000 rotations per minute cutting through steel like a hot
knife through butter.

Just maybe.

Mini Tarck Bike.

I looked all over China for a smaller Track Bike for Hugh.

But, as per usual, China over did it.

Roof Tops.

It's Interesting.

Mew Liu.

Phone Talker.
Coke Drinker.


A part of me is still 4 years old.

A part of me still loves tractors.

Lunch Break.

Sleeping IN the Job?

Relieve Thy Self.

But if you do in the open in the middle of
the day, I am going to take a picture of it.

For A Good Time Call:


Well, maybe thats not what it says.

Oh, Canada.

I audibly shouted Canada when I saw
this lounge chair. It made me feel at

Within an eyeshot from Windsor.

Caution Tape.

These flags that are commonly seen at
used car dealerships and putt putt golf
course, are used for sectioning off zones
of construction.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo,
but the photo but the flags are positioned
2-3 feet away from the building. Often times,
the flags go under the scaffoldings. I didn't
really feel safe at all near flags.

Stuff falls.
All the time.

Rubble Hut.

These crumbled huts all over. Since they
are (for the most part) unoccupied, people
use it as an impromptu dumpster. It's the
perfect environment for urban spelunking.

Four Corners.

Texture. Texture.


A good thing I have taken from this experience
is humility. As I was taking pictures of this
decrepit bicycle, I came to the realization that
someone loves this bike intensely and depends
on it for living. It isn't aluminum, the wheels
are not carbon and there isn't a single gold
anodized accessory on the entire bike. As an
American I have grown accustomed to a
certain lifestyle and quality of life. During my
time in Shanghai I gained a certain appreciation
for the life I have been blessed with back home
in America. It is great to go abroad and immerse
yourself in different cultures, but it's reassuring
to know that one of the best communities in the
world is waiting for you.

I don't know why a bicycle made me come to this
revelation, but I am glad it did.

Also, after reading the above post, I made myself
seem like Jane Goodall living with the Apes.

Hustle and Bustle.

People's Square Metro Station
Shanghai, China.

Get in where you fit in.

Or, get out.


This is the Best Buy logo in China.

Pretty cool.

Pimpin' Ain't Easy,

but it's necessary. So he's chasin' bitches like Tom chased
Harry. He's gonna put the pedal to the flo-ah, in his two
tone Ford Explo-ah.

Man, I miss Harry Wang.

Business Cards: Part Deux.

500 Cards for 12usd. Which included
high gloss UV Coating on the back side.

Gloss Black+Matte Black=Nice.


This is the convection hood on my stove. I never used it.

But I took a few pictures of it.

Street Racing.

On the set: 5 Fast 5 Furious: Shanghai Nights.

Flower Pots

You know you've been working on flower
pots too long when you stop in the street
when you notice them.

You really know you have a problem when
you privately have a conversation with
yourself about the design merits of each

I really liked how they were lined up.

Youth in Asia: Part Seven.


Where are these kids parents?


The gray in China if giving me seasonally affective disorder
in the summer. But seriously, is it safe to be painting over
cautionary signs?

Shanghai: The City That Sleeps.

Is sleeping on a scooter even remotely

Streetlight Manifesto.

I wondered where all the Day-Glo neon yellow
PVC sheets that occupied the inside of every
1990's arcade/skating rink/bowling alley had
gotten off to.

They use them as decorative elements on all the
Shanghai Streetlights.

Youth in Asia: Part Six.

That's Right.

You shine them shoes.

You shine them up good.

Where are your parents?

Man's Brand.

You're gonna love the way you look.

Dot Matrix.

You see that one Yellow dot in the huge grid of Green and
Red dots?

Sometimes when you are all alone in one of the most densely
populated cities in the world, 9000 miles away from every
one/thing you know and love, you feel like that Yellow dot.

I sympathize with that Yellow dot.

My Goodness: Part Deux.

So, I finally found Guinness Draught in
Shanghai! Blue Frog Bar and Grille.
At 70RMB for a large (pint). It is more
expensive than 4 six packs of Suntory.

But, oh so much better.

What price can you put on a pint of

Harry Wang.

In all of his glory.

Star Wars Lego Display.

I spent a little time at the Toy 'r' Us in the Super Brand
Mall in Pudong. They had this bitchin' battle display of
the clone wars series from lego. I thought it was an
appropriate time to break out the new lens of some DOF

Dig it.

Motion Blur.


I did stick my upper body out of moving
taxi in a dark tunnel to take this image.



I wish I spoke mandarin so badly. If only
so that I could engage this guy. I feel like
he might have a wealth of information to
impart to me.


This image reminds me of Blade Runner.

and thats a good thing.

Youth in Asia: Part Five.

It's alright kid. I used to be a pudgey kid who's mom made
him wear: Knee, Elbow and Wrist Pads.

In high school, you'll hit a growth spurt, lose the weight,
get a girlfriend and the scathing sense of humor/defense
mechanism you have been cultivating along side your
burgeoning diction and rapier whit will make you a cool

Just keep roller blading and next time mom's not looking,
lose the wrist guards.

Yard Sale.

This set-up was on a table next to an
apartment building. It had a whole bunch
of Chinese comic, pins, novel and Mao's
little red book. Plus some broken cameras
that were fun to play around with until the
owner came out and started talking to me
in Mandarin. After I expressed to him that
I didn't know what he was saying, he scoffed
and went back inside.


Talk Show on Mute.

This is a pretty common sight in Anshan Xincun. Every
weekend, someone posts up the newspaper in these long
displays. Then, these old guys kinda shuffle up to them in
their underwear and read the newspaper for a few hours
on sunday morning. The never interact with each other,
just sit and enjoy each others silence.


They kinda look like zombies, come to think of it.

The Glue That Holds Shanghai Together.

I don't mean to say that Shanghai uses
bamboo a lot.

Buy, Shanghai uses bamboo A LOT.

Shanghai is under some pretty heavy
construction, preparing for the Expo
in 2010. Bamboo lattice structures
as far as the eye can see. Scaffolding
that is made out of a substance that
makes up 10% of the Chinese diet.

I realize that last observation doesn't
really mean anything, it just sounds

Dirty Laundy

Shanghai airs it out.

New Glass: Canon 50mm 1.4