Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rendezvous Cafe.

So, The blog lives. I realize these posthumous posts will
lack a certain charm as I will be posting them from the
comfort of my room with excellent air conditioning, a
cornucopia of available snack foods (including but not
limited to poptarts, cheez-its and tagalong cookies) and
is 42" HDTV adjacent, however, I feel like this process of
documenting my journeys is cathartic and healing. So,
we trudge on.

This cafe was ironically named, because I ate here minutes
before rendezvousing with a friend, yet refused to actually
meet at the cafe. Having said that, this Veggie Burger and
accompanying apple juice was just right in all the good ways.

Plus, it had an out door patio where I could watch people
look at my John Deere Special.

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