Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ride Hard.

That is all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scott Wilson/MNML/Lunatik

We stopped by Minimal to sit down with
the designers and talk about the realities
of biking in Chicago. Their studio was
awesome, unfortunately and for obvious
reasons, I do not have any pictures. I
can mention that they had a studio dog
and an XBOX360 in house though.

As a parting gift (and in exchange for
some Trek gear) we got some Lunatik's.
Apple should really give them Kickbacks,
because I went out and got a 180$ iPod
after receiving the 80$ wristband for free.

223 E. Wacker Ave.

Baller ass apartment/hotel overlooking the Chicago River.

31st Floor.

Adult Woman on a Razor Scooter.

She does exist and you cannot tell me otherwise because I
encountered her in the wild and documented her existence.

Wilco Parking Garage.

I am trying to break your reference to this album cover.

Road Trip: Chicago!

Chad, Kraut and I loaded down Chad's Subaru with
bikes and assorted camera equipment and headed
out to Chicago for some urban riding action. We found
some crappy roads, near misses and greater appreciation
for our jobs. As a research trip, it was a great success.
As a team building excursion, it was without flaw.

Looking forward to a return in the fall.

People Watching: SW Commuter Path.

Hanging out with Chad, watching people ride by on a great
variety of bicycular vehicles.

Carbon District cotd.

It's a hot whip.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Bike Day: 2010 Trek Carbon District.

Pretty much stock with the exception of the rear rack
and Big Earl riser bars.

Handmade in Waterloo and a super slick ride.

My Job.

12:30pm Wednesday. State Street. Downtown Madison.

ATM in a Box.


Dad finally gets his Brats. Cate has some Corn.

DG'in: Madison Edition

Cate and Mom hanging out by the UW Anchor House.

Madison B-Cycle Parade.

East Towne Mall to the Square.
Taking Madison by storm on bike share bikes.