Tuesday, October 30, 2012

USGP: Sunday

Threw Down.
Didn't Fall.
Finished the Race.
Didn't get lapped.
Beat all the Trek employees that I work with on a daily basis.

Win in my book.

USGP: Matt Shriver

Trek Employee and all around fast dude. Matt took 7th while mixing
it up with some internationally known riders.


Wearing number one and looking like a badass American flag,
Jeremy Powers hopped a few barriers on his way to a solo victory.

USGP: Lukas Flückiger

The eldest Fluk brother threw down at his only CX race of the season
before he heads off to the World Championships. Hoped right off
his Trek MTB and onto a Cronus. With a few mechanicals on
Saturday, he took third. Sunday, he took it all.

Way to represent the corporate sponsor in the hometown!

USGP UCI Race: Calm before the Storm

Rockstars lining up in Sun Prairie.

Kelly: Race Support.

Camera Holder.
Bell Ringer.
Question Asker.

Katie mfn' Compton.

Throwing both days worth of racing in her palmarès.

Jess Braun and The Twinkie.

They never quite worked it out.

USGP Cyclocross: Saturday

After the title sponsor left, Trek stepped in and saved the USGP
of Cyclocross series.

Which means I got to race for free!!

Lake Geneva Cross

Waking up and driving 90 minutes one way to ride my road bike off
road for 30 minutes.

Great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Devil's Lake: The Dip.

This guy and I had a stand off for a few seconds. He knew I wanted to take
a picture of him and he was being pretty stubborn about the whole ordeal.

But we can all see who won.

Devil's Lake: Rocks.

Hey Rocks,

You got weird stuff on you.


Devil's Lake: Devil's Doorway

How do rocks get that way?