Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heterochromia Iridum.

What is black and white and a little blue?

This picture of my dog, Kwame.

Well Used: MKV Jetta GLI

Aside from a few dents along the fenders and
a missing cover on the passenger side headlamp
washer, this Jetta is showing its age pretty well.
The stance is pretty fun/functional for a midwest
daily driver and the tire wear on the inside all
four corners points to an aggressive alignment.

My neighborhood has been pretty great at supplying
me with awesome VW's to look at. There is a
MKI GTI that constantly alludes me and my camera,
but I will manage an impromptu photoshoot eventually.

Not to mention Stella is long overdue for a wash/shoot.

Yard Ornamentation.

Undersized Virgin Mary.
Oversized Chicken.
Oversized Cob of Corn.

As far as I can tell, this yards curation
has very little concept of "theme".

Rather, it has a loosely grouped series
of objects who's only similarity is the
odd proportioning and their awkward


Smell some flowers.


It has sprung.

Granted, these photos are probably 3-4 weeks old, I
have had a ridiculously busy April. Wrapping up some
huge projects at work and finishing off my first year
of MBA School has been a handful to say the least.
Better late then never? Pretty pictures of nature. And
more to come as I plan to spend the majority of my
summer break outside!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Neon Indian.

3rd time I have had the privilege of seeing Neon Indian live.
Bringing the 5D MK3 was a definite advantage this time around.
Wearing that much camera around your neck gets you in some 
pretty great places really quickly. Up on the side of the stage, 
front row center. People thought I was shooting for a media
outlet or something. 

The Bayou

Celebrating my 25th. Red beans and rice with bits of meat.


Testing out my new flash! 600EX-RT!