Sunday, November 29, 2009

29th Floor.

Mom came into town to hang out for the weekend.
We are staying at a hotel roughly 20 yards Herald
Square/Macy's. We are staying on the 29th floor
of a Hilton that sells Dr. Pepper in the lobby. By
far the most Luxe (and by Luxe I mean there are
not factions of rats and pigeons engaging in battle
in the wall inches away from where I sleep) thing
I have done on my stay here in NYC.

Their TV had Inglorious Basterds on Demand.

and this view.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Brendan, Sass and I went out to Sylvia's in Harlem
for Soul Food. It was a pretty long wait and worth
most every second. While we waited we walked
around Malcolm X Blvd and then over to the Apollo.

Basically we all agreed that we were thankful for
each other and our friends and family that have
supported us through this remarkably awkward

and we were also thankful for the food.

Ford F250 Turbo Diesel

Funny thing is, this was actually in a decently
nice neighborhood. The majority of the interior
was gutted, as were major elements of the
exterior, but the easy to sell stuff (i.e. wheels,
catalytic convertor, various power train comp-
onents) were still present on the vehicle. Perhaps
it is a project vehicle or a totaled car someone is
trying to bring back to past glory. Whoever owns
it certainly was proud of it.

Proud enough to put it on display.


This is the canal between Queens and Brooklyn. The
picture was taken from the Metropolitan Ave. draw

I thought the Mary H looked pretty rad.

Abandoned Couch

"Hey Brendan, go sit on that, I'll take your picture"

"Alright, so long as I don't get bed bugs or AIDS"


Brendan and I found this awesome looking
house. It's semi-reminiscent of the famous
Heidelberg Projects in Detroit

Only by accident.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The Gull Sees Farthest Who Flies Highest.

False Alarms Kill

Relic from a bygone era.

Urban Exploration.

Today Brendan and I took a walk around Brooklyn
and into Queens to see what we could see. The
next 4-5 blogs will just be images from our walk.
This one happens to be all about graffiti.

The majority of our walk was through industrial
parks that looked fairly abandoned. I am certain
they are all actually still functional, they just
appeared to be completely dilapidated.

Good Walk.

Ben Townsend

This is Ben. I am going to live with him for
the last two weeks here in New York. He
lives in Clinton Hill and feels as though the
places he has lived define him as a person.

He recommended, to me, a book about being
from Michigan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brendan made me Indian Food: Part Deux

Fried Stuffed Potato Dumplings with Lentil Curry

I really envy Brendan for being able to cook this
ridiculously delicious food that I have never heard
of before.

Now, if you will pardon me, I feel a starch coma
coming on.

Nike Air Zoom Tiempo CTRS Paris Edition.

One of the first shoes designed by urban cyclists for
urban cyclists. The shoe has been adapted from a
cleatless soccer shoe. The sole has been stiffened
for greater pedal control. The lace guard was carried
over from the soccer application to keep them out of
drive train. The proprietary "Air Zoom" insole keeps
the riders feet from experiencing irritation over longer

All those features are well and good but the conversation
piece with these shoes is the fabric. The Paris Editions
are coated in 3M fabric which appears black in daylight,
but when car headlights shine on them at night, they
appear to glow a reflective white.

Cannot wait to get back home and saddle up.


Ever since I set foot in NYC I have been in awe
of how well put together everyone in the city
looks. This starkly contracts the very "college"
look I have been sporting since, well, high
school. I felt as though I should go out and
invest in the "Industrial Designer" image a

Having said that, I am an intern and making
a (small) allowance every week, so I would
be relegated to a very small percentage
of stores and their clearance section.

So, I got this Jacket, Button Up, Tie, Sweater
and Hat for $102.00, which I though was a
remarkably decent deal.

Thank goodness for H&M. Even in Manhattan,
Its value surprises me.

Strand Book Store.

Pretty rad book store on Broadway just south of Union Square.
It is apparently remarkably well known because it was packed
for when I went to visit.

Terrible Poetry Section.

The Jungle Book was only 2 Dollars, though.

Monday, November 16, 2009

James Franco.

"The thing about college is, it takes minds
into space, like a rocket"

-James Franco


I was way too tired to go inside you,
but mark my words, I will be back.

Apple and Grids.

Apple just gets me.

I don't want to grow up.

I'm an FAO Schwarz kid.

There was a stuffed bear for $1249

They have a "Build-a-Muppet" Station

Workers approached me, asking me to play
with remote controlled toys.

Public Bathrooms.

Giant Piano Mats. (It's True)


This small business owner was seen wandering
around "People with A.I.D.S. Plaza".

What he does may not be easy, buy it sure is

People with A.I.D.S. Plaza.

Not AIDS Awareness Plaza
Not AIDS Prevention Plaza
People with AIDS Plaza.

Where do I sign up to be on the Plaza
naming committee? I've got a few ideas
for Plaza names that are equally as

None of which shall be written on my
relatively wholesome blog.

Ground Zero.

8 Years, 2 Months and 3 days and all
you guys have to show for it is a small
foam-core model and weird pseudo
museum/gift shop?

I guess when Rudy encouraged us to
"Never Forget", he thought he might
help us out by leaving a gaping hole
in the middle of the most desirable
real estate in North America.


You make me stand up and pay attention.

Coincidentally, you also make me burn
calories and take the stairs.

GMT 900.

Homeland Security Suburbans are almost
as prevalent in Manhattan as Police cars.

I am not a huge GM fan, but I have to admit
that the GMT 900's in Homeland Security
livery look straight mean.

Battery Park.

Navy Memorial. The southern tip of
Manhattan, directly next to the Staten
Island Ferry. Beautiful view of the
Statue of Liberty.

No Parking.

Active Driveway.


Keegan and Holland (not pictured) went
for a walk yesterday that began at our
apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
The walk took us from Williamsburg,
over the Williamsburg Bridge to Battery
Park. From Battery Park (the southern
tip of Manhattan) we proceeded to walk
north up Broadway past ground zero,
Union Square, Central Park, Columbia,
Harlem and Spanish Harlem into the
Bronx at the northern most point of
the island of Manhattan. I calculated our
route later to discover we walked over
20 miles (6 and a half hours) total.

But I feel like I conquered NYC and am
now much more intimately familiar with
its neighborhoods.

The foot pain is more than worth it.

New York City:

The city that sleeps.

Brooklyn Bridge.

For Sale. Inquire Within.

Solar Powered Flower.

Yet another carry over from my previous internship in
Shanghai. I cop'd one of these from Shanghai and donated
it to Mickey's new Honda Fit.

Granted, the one I got Mickey was already broken as all
of these are made in China and only cost 20 RMB.

3 Dollar Solar panels are not notoriously well constructed.

Shanghai Crushin' Part Deux.

This street sent me into flashbacks of my
last internship. I was, however, proud of
my ability to decipher several traditional

I knew that 6 months would pay off in a
completely trivial way.

S. Ryan Shop.

If they don't have it, you don't need it.

Williamsburg Bridge.

Grids and Rust.

Recycling Initiative.

I am not sure what the initial purpose of
this rather ornate fixture was, but it is
definitely a trash can now.

Remarkably Dirty.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey Keegan,

I am going to throw you into my DeLorean and gun it to 88.

Atlantic Ocean,

New York Skyline.

Go up!

And tell it from the Mountain.


Girl who left cardigan at my house last
night: I have it and it is slightly stretched

See Keegan for retrieval.

Kirkwood "Kip" Adams

The most photogenic person I have met
since coming to Brooklyn.

His poems were titles and excerpts from
pop culture and references to academia.

Rad dude.

640 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Home is where my iPhone charges.

Texture: Williamsburg.

Maybe I am not totally over texture, yet.