Monday, November 23, 2009


Ever since I set foot in NYC I have been in awe
of how well put together everyone in the city
looks. This starkly contracts the very "college"
look I have been sporting since, well, high
school. I felt as though I should go out and
invest in the "Industrial Designer" image a

Having said that, I am an intern and making
a (small) allowance every week, so I would
be relegated to a very small percentage
of stores and their clearance section.

So, I got this Jacket, Button Up, Tie, Sweater
and Hat for $102.00, which I though was a
remarkably decent deal.

Thank goodness for H&M. Even in Manhattan,
Its value surprises me.


  1. Time to cut the hair and lose the jeans.
    -All. SCh.

  2. Allison, you have your own blogger account. Why did you comment anonymously?