Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Starting to feel like home.

That's more like it.

Keep that rear wheel spinning.

351 E. Main Street #312

I put together a small panorama of the main room/kitchen.
The second image is my view of Main St. from the Balcony.
Third Image is me decorating with MTA Service Changes
Last image is my corner bedroom.

I have the Keys now, it is officially cool to start mailing me.

Cannery Square.

My new apartment complex. My apartment is on the far
left on the third floor.

I live like 40 feet from a Quizno's.

Right on Main St.

Georgia O'Keefe

Vagina Flowers were Born Here!


Checkin' on my energies.

Monday, March 29, 2010

GChat Video.

I used gChat video for the first time today. Kim gave me a tour
of the Digitas Cubicleville which included this awesome view
of 26th Street and Park Ave.

I reciprocated by giving her a tour of my Hotel room with a
small field trip out into the hall so she could see Stella.

Fair Trade.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thanks, Trek.

You got me dinner tonight.

Straight Reppin'

State of Champions

Cannery Square.

So, I submitted my application for this apartment in an
apartment complex called Cannery Square, which is in the
city center of Sun Prairie, just outside the city limits of
Madison. It is 12 miles from both the Trek Headquarters
and The Capitol building in Madison, so easily within
bike commute distance to both. The apartments are super
new and way bigger/nicer than anything I looked at in
downtown Madison while being considerably less money
than those apartments. I neglected to take pictures while
I was doing my visits, but rest assured, if/when I get approved
there will be pictures forthcoming.

If you cannot see from the pictures, 804 sq. ft. One Bedroom
on the 3rd (top) floor with southward facing (most sunlight)
windows and a balcony.

Also, should I get the apartment, my address will be:

351 East Main Street Apartment #312
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

So, get ready to mail me stuff.

Vans Slip-ons.

I went to a Mall today. A uniquely suburban activity. Madison's
East Town Mall is kinda small and about 40% sports memorabilia
stores but it'll have to do for the time being.

I went into Journeys and bought these Vans Slip-ons under the
encouragement of Sam the Stylist from Williamsburg. Sam
shuddered when I confessed to not owning any slip-ons.

I wore them sock-less on the way home from the Mall to wear
them in. Not terrible for riding in, if only a little flimsy.

The guys at Journeys liked my Chrome bag and we talked
about riding fixed for awhile. Cool dudes. Hopefully I see
them riding around.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I guess HOMEKEYS was taken?

Train Rust.

Madison has a plethora of abandoned train cars rented
for retail space.

I dig on it.

So hard.

Camp Randall Stadium.

It's got Cannons, but it a Big House, it is not.

Tobacco Loft's.

I went on my first round of Apartment
viewings today. As expected the Tobacco
Lofts are way out in front. The fact that
they are not available until June 1st is
kind of a headache though.

le Sigh.

Capitol Building.

I had lunch at a Quizno's by the Capitol.
The Capitol plaza is really pretty and my
favorite spot to bike around.

Welcome to Madison.

We've got rad manhole covers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Really Brooklyn, Really?

Last NYC post for awhile. I just forgot I had this.

Road Warrior.

Stella stomped all over the Midwest today.

Leaving the most triumphant sound in her

Madison Hotel in the Background.

Road Trip: Part Deux

Packed my life into Stella and headed out on an adventure.

Lunch with Lubko in Chicago.

B-Roads up through Wisconsin.


Some of the best things are when you download the pictures
from your cameras memory card to your computer only
to find your friend from Seattle that you hardly ever see
took pictures of herself when you were not looking.

So that you can put her on the internet.

How Stella got her groove back.

Took Stella into Callahan's yesterday. Put her Summer tires
on, changed the oil and installed the new exhaust system.

Looks and sounds beautiful. Greddy Spectrum Elite.

Ready for our big day together!

Presents from Kim!

When I got home from my 10 hour
drive home from New York, I was
welcomed by an Amazon package from
Kim. She got me this book to get my
life oriented in Madison. I have read
the first section and I am excited to
get more of this book (and city)
under my belt.

It should also be noted that the book
Ben was holding "How to Cook Everything"
was also a gift from Kim.

She is really helping me get this whole
"Being an Adult" thing started.

Fiona the Fit.

ZipCar names their cars. This was Fiona
the Spark Silver Metallic Honda Fit. She
got us to PA and back safely and had room
to spare with the massive 2.8" exhaust
system tucked neatly into the back.

Road Trip.

The morning after my going away party, we got a ZipCar
(thank you again, Kim) and drove from Brooklyn to the
middle of Pennsylvania to pick up an exhaust system.

Maynard and Ben were really sleepy/hungover. The radio
was iffy at best. The car performed phenomenally and
the day was awesome as a whole.

Long Island Sound.

I woke up to a knife stabbed through my
business card in the Long Island Sound
on out huge MTA map.

To my knowledge, the knife remains in
the wall to this day.

Ryan goes into the Woods Going Away Extravaganza.

I am just going to let these pictures do the smarmy talking.

Suffice it to say, I miss Brooklyn dearly and will be going
back as soon as I get the opportunity.

Benjamin Townsend.

I am going to miss you, dude.

Broken Angel.

While Maynard and I could only submit
conjecture about the uses of this building.

It did look cool.

Recycling Car.

Somebody was using this Buick as a recycling bin.

Do the Right Thing.

Stuyvesant Ave between Quincy and Lexington.