Saturday, March 6, 2010

Neon Indian.

First time making it out to the historically dingy Webster
Hall. A fairly unique experience as the building is laid out
in sections. You walk into and are met by some club-like
dance area directly in front of you. To the right is a small
bar and on both sides of the hall, their are staircases both
of the main dance hall that head both up and down. The
basement houses the coat check, a(nother) bar and a small
stage for warm up bands. On the second floor there is a
the Main Concert Hall and a bar.

Neon Indian was beyond good. They played all their Psychic
Chasms album and a few unreleased tracks as well. After
Neon Indian, they announced Holy Ghost(!) was coming up

It was a pretty funny that Holy Ghost(!) was not on the
tickets. I have never been witness to a surprise show,
but let me tell you, it's decent.

I wanted to get a merch thing but all they had was vinyl
and a shirt that said "I shoud have done Acid with you".

So I didn't buy that.

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