Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cannery Square.

So, I submitted my application for this apartment in an
apartment complex called Cannery Square, which is in the
city center of Sun Prairie, just outside the city limits of
Madison. It is 12 miles from both the Trek Headquarters
and The Capitol building in Madison, so easily within
bike commute distance to both. The apartments are super
new and way bigger/nicer than anything I looked at in
downtown Madison while being considerably less money
than those apartments. I neglected to take pictures while
I was doing my visits, but rest assured, if/when I get approved
there will be pictures forthcoming.

If you cannot see from the pictures, 804 sq. ft. One Bedroom
on the 3rd (top) floor with southward facing (most sunlight)
windows and a balcony.

Also, should I get the apartment, my address will be:

351 East Main Street Apartment #312
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

So, get ready to mail me stuff.

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