Friday, March 19, 2010

4 Borough Bike Ride: Ryan Callahan's Day Off.

Thursday was my first day of "Funemployment" the period
between ending my contract with ECCO and starting full
time at Trek. I decided to go on a bike ride around the
city to see what I could see.

I plotted out my route to the Brooklyn Bridge as that
was something I have wanted to do since day one in New
York. After the bridge, I had no plans or direction, I
was going to let the city guide me.

The bridge was unbelievable to ride across, it feels like
you are doing something so much larger. It's crowded,
people are not paying attention and you don't have brakes.
I cannot remember being happier on my bike ever. It was
so nice, I went way out of my way to take it again on the
way home. Highly Recommended.

All told, the ride took me across 4 boroughs, 43 miles,
3 different bridges, countless parks, roads and a hand
full of avenues.

I am collecting cities. Every time I ride a new city, I
fall in love with it. New York is no different, in fact,
I may reserve the largest amount of adoration for
cycling in city so nice that they named it twice.

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