Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sheepshead Bay Bklyn Bicycles.

On Sunday, Kimberly and I ventured out to Sheapshead
Bay in southeastern Brooklyn with the express purpose
of finding her a gently used bicycle to pound around
Williamsburg in. After trying out a variety of frames,
bars and gear ratios. She opted for a purple SaintTropez
Single Speed (naturally, Williamsburg) with Road Drops.

I rode it, which was the first time for me on the Female
Step-Through frame, which was weird at first, but I feel
like she made the right decision. We got it back home
and she rode off into the night.

The place was in the guy Peter's basement. He sells used
bikes from estate sales on the side. He offers a 30 Day
warranty and maintains all the bikes himself.

He also makes his own wines.

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