Friday, February 25, 2011

Kohls Center: UW Madison vs U Minnesota.

While the Kohls Center seemed mammoth compared to Yost
Ice Arena, it lacked many of Yost's essential atmospheric
advantages (i.e. Yost's Student Section). I had a great time
even though the Badgers were only able to muster a 5-2

I hadn't realized how much I had missed going to ice hockey

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Presents.

Let's me show off how much I love my car.

Michigan to Wisconsin.

The transformation is complete. I now
have a drivers license and license plates
from the great state of Wisconsin.

However, I still need a front plate
adapter which is ordered and on
its way from Japan.

So, i'll be riding dirty for a short

Winter Ride.

The ice and snow cleared up enough to get
a lake loop in last Sunday. However, in
the absence of winter road hazards road
grime and salt made their presence known.

I am fairly certain that I picked up the frames
weight in mud. Kraut let me towel off before
I had to throw the Madone in the back of

It was great to feel the bike under me after
such a long hiatus. I enjoyed this winter, but
I am ready for the spring to get here so I can
start road riding again.

Super Bowl Snacks.

Food tastes doubly good when the Packers are winning.

Making Lists. Checking Twice.

Keep those hands at 10 and 2, Kate. You don't want that
Volvo getting away from you.

Cute Sweater Party.

Sweater Mullet: Full length in the back, cut-off in the front.

Cute when stuffed with Bostons.

Snowmaggedon: The Next Day.

4 foot drifts in some areas with exposed pavement in others.

Nary a car on the road, only the brave, plow trucks and
Subaru's dared to venture outside.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmaggedon: Aftermath.

Snow. Got. Every. Where.

Perhaps Subaru should develop hydrophobic
side windows on future STI's because my
biggest issue when driving (read: hooning)
was the snow accumulation on the side glass
while snow drifting. Periodic stops to clear
those windows were temporary recesses in
an otherwise excellent session.

Snowocalypse 2011.

As the state was declaring a severe winter weather warning,
encouraging everyone to hunker down in their homes, I started
licking my lips at the prospect of an entire city without a
single car on the road.

Kate and I watch from the warmth of my apartment as a
Honda Civic got stuck outside my window for a few minutes.
I took this as the Civc daring me to do what it could not.
Within minutes, I was down in Stella warming up her oil
for a great winter adventure.

I cannot praise the combination of a symmetrical all wheel
drive system mated with Blizzak LM-25's. I went through
snow drifts significantly higher than the center of Stellas
axles without hesitation. It almost became a challenge to
see if she even could get stuck. Various levels of traction
control and Center Differential settings made not difference.
Putting the differential in Full Lock essentially made the
weather conditions seem like they were not even present.

The amount of confidence my car inspires in me is actually
staggering. I find humor that as I type this, I am at home
because as a team, we decided that the road conditions
would be too dangerous to commute to work.

I have no doubt I could commute to work after a storm
twice as treacherous.

And I would do it sideways at full opposite lock.

The Old Fashioned

Had dinner and drinks on the Square with
Kate, Pete and Ash. Dinner was alright and
the company was even nicer.

The ProBowl was on which had me partially
distracted, but not distracted enough, as
conversation slowly transitioned to the weird
experiences of Health Class and stories of
friends walking in on their parents.

Chicken Bacon sandwich was worth it though.

New Toy!

Made the switch to toys not filled with Rubber. The oblong
shape makes for some really unpredictable bounce patterns
that keep Kwame guessing.

The best part is, it doesn't shed stuffing everywhere!


My apartment is filled with small particles of stuffing.
Kwame will not rest until his toys guts lay splayed across
the floor. I think I am growing tired of cleaning up cotton
and will make the switch to rubber chew toys.

Poor Waldo.

Merrill Visited.

And was despondent.

Milwaukee Art Museum.

Snapped a few pics on the snowy/grey day. I will definitely
be returning in the summer months to take some better shots.

The left most upper structure actually articulates in the
warmer months.

Making Enchiladas.

Kate and I made some Enchiladas about 3
weeks ago. I took a small break from ripping
apart a chicken to take a picture of the process.

One of the best thing I have ever had any part
in making, food wise.