Saturday, June 26, 2010


That's my (dawg) dog.

Mail Check.

Postcards from France.

Packages with Mixed CD's from Royal Oak.

I cannot stress how cool it is for you to mail me. The 2
CD mixtape is separated into "Songs for Summer Days"
and "Songs for Summer Nights". After having sampling
both discs in their appropriate time and I would like to
report that not only are they delightful, but they are
aptly named as well.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tech Noir 80's Dance Party.

Saturday night found me at the top of a silo/deck with a
host of friends and strangers slow dancing to 80's hits with
the word "fuckin'" thrown into the last chorus of each ballad.

1st rule of dance party is there are no rules.
2nd rule of dance party is you leave room for jesus between
you and your dance partner.
3rd rule of dance party is you don't blog about dance party.

I still don't really know what happened.

Low Speed.

This thing had Vespa brakes in the front and what appeared
to be lawn mower brakes in the back.

I should hope it's low speed.

61-67 Ford Econoline Falcon Pickup.

This is decidedly cool.

Those 17" Kragar SS's are ill.


"Signs so fast it's almost illegal"

However, our largest client is the State of Wisconsin, so
were probably safely on the socially acceptable side of
the law.

Suburban Industry.

The sleepy town of Sun Prairie snarls its
patina and flexes its industrial might.

Cars of Sun Prairie.

From desert spec Hummer H1's to tubbed rear wheel
supercharged sublime Challengers to Ferrari F430 Spyders.

Sunny P has got them all.

Also, the occasional Satin White Pearl STi is known to
roll around.

Sun Prairie Block Party.

This Saturday, I was prematurely rendered
awake by a garage band playing pop/punk
hits from the late 90's over a loud speaker.
I hoped out onto my balcony to see what
was going on and, to my surprise, Sun
Prairie was a hotbed of activity. There must
have been, like, 90 people outside!

I sat on my balcony to listen to the band
play a bunch of old Weezer and Green Day
hits while I perused the internet and drank
Simply Apple Juice. I would eventually shower
and walk amongst my fellow Sun Prairians

Dunk Tanks and Elvis cover bands aside, I
really enjoyed people watching. I found that
98% of SP citizens are really wonderfully
quaint small families, while the other 2%
are dirt merchants.

I am so glad that 2% is here though.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Build Teaser.

So, I am collecting parts for my forth bike and today, as I
approached my door on the way home from work I was
greeted by a proverbial treasure-trove of cardboard, carbon
and billet aluminum. I picked parts from both the Rival
and Force lines (the entry level and mid-grade gruppos,
respectively). I opted out of the RED line for a future build
with a lighter bike. All the parts are now in my possession
and hopefully a build will happen before the weekend.

More pictures as the build develops.

Spoiler: It has gears and brakes. Gasp.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ride the Drive.

Every year, Madison closes down a 6 mile loop of roads and
makes them only accessible to pedestrians.

A parade of every kind of bicycle known to man parades around
and the streets are filled with thousands of people looking to
experience what a car-less biketopia would feel like.

Then, at 4pm, reality struck when the roads filled up with cars
once again and it rained for 2 hours.

That dudes shirt says "53 miles per burrito". I felt like the
internet should know about it.

Georgia O'Keefe Cow.

Taking the two things Sun Prairie is known
for and combining them into one thing.

We are so streamlined now.

Krautbauer says,

"Eat Ian's pizza or pay the price."*

*Andrew Krautbauer didn't actually say that.

Headtube Badges.

JCPenney knows whats up.

Seen on the streets of Madison.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rainy Day: Two Options.

You can ride indoors.


You can get wet.

I prefer to dabble in both.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Breakfast Club.

Monday night I went out with some Trekkers to check out
a free screening of "The Breakfast Club" at the UW student

I saw some pretty interesting characters and had the same
reoccurring inner-dialogue about the benefits of living in
Madison vs. Sun Prairie.

I got 10 months left on my lease.

Stay Tuned.

The Callahan's.

My family came to visit me this (long) weekend. They drove
out early Saturday night and made it out to the Edgewater
by 1ish. I biked down from Sun Prairie to meet up with them
and execute a biking tour of the Madison sights. Sunday we
kept our adventures based in Sunny P but ventured as far
as Middleton in the name of eating red meat.

Above is a picture of my parents getting into some Fried
Cheese Curds and Miller Beers.

Wisconsin Style.