Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sun Prairie Block Party.

This Saturday, I was prematurely rendered
awake by a garage band playing pop/punk
hits from the late 90's over a loud speaker.
I hoped out onto my balcony to see what
was going on and, to my surprise, Sun
Prairie was a hotbed of activity. There must
have been, like, 90 people outside!

I sat on my balcony to listen to the band
play a bunch of old Weezer and Green Day
hits while I perused the internet and drank
Simply Apple Juice. I would eventually shower
and walk amongst my fellow Sun Prairians

Dunk Tanks and Elvis cover bands aside, I
really enjoyed people watching. I found that
98% of SP citizens are really wonderfully
quaint small families, while the other 2%
are dirt merchants.

I am so glad that 2% is here though.

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