Sunday, January 31, 2010

G Train.

The G Train (Ghost Train) is the main artery for my travels
between Clinton Hill and Williamsburg. It runs up and down
Brooklyn making a few strategic bends along the way. If it
were a fully functioning train, it would be remarkably useful
for the citizens of my borough. Unfortunately, the fact of the
matter is that the G Train has not functioned on weekends
yet this decade and weekdays I have waited up to 48 minutes
on a platform for a train that I honestly thought might not
come. What could be 10 minute bike rides are turned into
90 minute trials of introversion and super monkey ball
on the iPhone.

If I didn't have to take it, I would boycott it so hard.

Brooklyn Brewery.

A few weekends ago I visited the Brooklyn Brewery in
Williamsburg on a walk around the neighborhood. It offers
free tours and tastings of their entire line. I see signs all
over New York for Brooklyn Lager. I was even surprised
to see that the Paint Creek Tavern in Rochester Hills, MI
offers 3 varieties of BB Beers.

Good Lookin'.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Hoodie Day!

Brooklyn Industries had a sale on last
season's zip-ups.

This candle is obsolete.

or, it just had a bright idea.

Brooklyn Flea.

On weekends in the winter the Williamsburg Bank is transformed
into "Brooklyn Flea" which is the Mecca for hipsters. Prices are
high and directly proportional to how ironic the item is.

In the basement is a huge vault with 5' thick doors that serves
as a cafeteria. I had Chicken Mole Tamales.

Maynard's Shins.

Frida Kahlo.

Now in toy form.

No Parking.


Post Game Report.

Strolled in pretty late this morning. Snapped a few pics
of my buds before we all went to bed. My lateness was
made clear to me by the conversation I had with my
father over AIM who was already at work preparing
the day ahead of him.


Jazz Fest Coors Light.

Moral of the Story:

Maynard does NOT take bad pictures.
Sanna is hyped about her Coors.
Andy is going to shock something.

The End.


Bunch of 22 year olds living in Brooklyn
havin' a good ol' time.

Getting ready to go out for what would
be a late night/early morning.


Merril and her Roommate came over last night to hang
out. They got hungry and bought way to much Chinese
food, leaving me with a ton of Chinese food to eat today.

For Free.

Fancy Burrito.

Ben and I devised a plan to get "fancy burritos", which was
just dressing up and getting regular burritos. I put on my
3-piece which has not been getting too much use out here
and we walked to a place called Burrito Bar near Park Slope.

Ben's comment on the burritos: "That picture you took
makes the burrito look a lot less mediocre than it was".


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Left Overs.

Left over cooking on 17" Unibody MacBook Pro goodness.

Learning how to Cook: Reaping Benefits.

While the Oatmeal Apple Pie didn't exactly match the other
two dishes, it was all ridiculously decent food. The fact that
I actually had a hand in making a fair portion of it made it
all the more gratifying.

Second Helpings all around.


During the down time of cooking a three course meal,
I got to play with Kim's room mate's Kitten, Cleo. She
was pretty excited to see a camera and did some posing
for me.

She would change moods every time she heard the
auto focus adjust.

Cute Cat.

Cooking Food!

Hung out with Kim to make cat shelters/watch tv/cook
delicious food, because that's something someone my age
should be able to do.

We started out with Pad Thai as the goal, but an ambitious
Kim shot for a full three course meal including a Spring Rolls,
Tofu Pad Thai and Apple Oatmeal Pie.

It took 2 and a half hours to cook but was more than worth it.


The Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum has a "Pay what you
want night" on Saturdays from 5:45 to 7:45 on Saturdays.

I paid about $free.99 and got to see the whole Guggenheim
which was admittedly sparse because it is in between


The only thing Valerie wanted to do during her time in New
York was see the Balto Statue in Central Park above the

The only thing I wanted Maynard to do while see the statue
was do lewd things to it while I took pictures.

The Park in the Middle of the Island.

Val came into town this weekend with the goal of checking
out NYC from a poor junior contract industrial designers
perspective. I gladly accommodated her by walking through
Central Park for free.

Central Park is like a bio-dome without the Paulie Shores.

Monday, January 18, 2010


We got down to the East River just south of DUMBO (DUBBO?),
and were presented with this view of the Island of Manhattan.

I don't use Photoshops Automate->Photomerge enough,
so I through this together for you guys.

Bike Trouble.

I was crushin' my way home on from my friends birthday
party in Williamsburg on sunday morning at 5:30 when
disaster struck. There was an unavoidable expansion
strip/dip/hole thing in the road that I hit head on at a
mightily impressive rate of speed. I rolled out of it, but
I started to hear a rhythmic clicking from my rear wheel.
Luckily, the only problem was a popped tube (because
aerospokes are bomb proof/heavy). I had all the tools I
needed to change the tube aside from another tube and a
pump, so I picked up my bike and hoofed it the rest of the
9 blocks to my apartment.

Not nearly as bad as Shanghai Bike Troubles, but enough
to make me laugh in frustration for 9 blocks.

Learning how to Cook

Twisty Pasta, Veggie Sauce, Sesame Seed Baguette,
Zucchini and Mango.

I hung out with Merril on sunday and she helped me
pick out some shirts and do my laundry. Then we
decided that at 22 years old, it was high time I start
learning how to sustain myself.

While she did most of the work sunday, I replicated
the effort today and it turned out alright.


Brooklyn Bridge.


I've seen a few of these guys around. Alligator with human
hands periscoping out of a fake manhole cover and eating
a baby with a bag of money for a head.

Architecture on Jay Street.

Wavy building.

Become an NYC Firefighter.

This is actually a rolling advertisement for Firefighter
enrollment and not a casting van for an all black gay porn.

Could have fooled me.

On another note, every other Ford Econoline Conversion
Van just got a little less cool by comparison.


Brendan called us about 50 meters from that park bench
to tell me that he saw Krista Serda working at a Taco
Bell. We giggled and Ben apparently heard his family died
or something.

Sad looking dude.

Park Benches.

We stopped here for a minute to admire a green space
and quietly observe 1990's dude practicing Karate in the
corner of the square.

Ben looked like he had dementia for awhile.

Theme of the Day: Sculpture Penis.

For reasons unbeknownst to
me (or anyone participating
for that matter), the unofficial
theme of Saturday was having
Ben stand next to Phallic things.

Example A.

Delta Gamma.

Nothing super special about this picture. It is the greek
letters for Delta Gamma, the sorority my Mother and
Sister are both in.

And it was carved into the cement on DeKalb.


January took a break on Saturday and let the good weather
shine through, so Ben, Maynard and I decided to go for a
walk around Brooklyn. First stop was Pratt where several
of my co-workers at ECCO hail from. They have a pretty
extensive sculpture garden on campus, though impressive
as it was, it was the Discovery Channel-esq squirrel love
that grabbed our collective attention. Thank goodness my
camera takes full HD video, so you can relive the tryst as
well as Ben's manic laughter in full 1080p.