Sunday, January 3, 2010

Icon Watch: Unboxing

Not usually a watch person, but my Subaru Share the Love
awareness bracelet was looking a little long in the tooth. I
had been searching the MoMA store for some time and this
particular watch grabbed my attention unlike any watch before.
It's called the Icon watch by "& Design". It is essentially a
recreation of the watch icon cursor from early versions of
the Mac OS which touches on all levels of my nerdness.

It's also happened to be the cheapest watch in the MoMa
store. So, I bought one and decided to do an unboxing for
you guys. Quite comedically (and rather disconcerting),
when I opened the box, the watch was broken. The minute
hand had come detached from the watch and was floating
around in the face. Another trip down to the MoMA store
on 53rd, and I had gotten a fully functioning watch.

Enjoy my nostalgic geekdom.

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