Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Second First Weekend.

My family, Mickey and I drove out to New York on the 31st
of December to move me back into my apartment with a
few strategic additions (i.e. honest to goodness bed, bike
trainer). Mom and Dad stayed in Battery Park City at the
Embassy Suites and Mickey and I arranged my apartment.
On Saturday we all ventured out into the bitter cold to
see some sights and complain about the temperature.

I used Mickey's TTV to take a few pictures of the weekend.

She took it home with her this morning but I've already found
a few Duaflex II's on craigslist for some reasonable asking
prices, so expect more TTV in the near future.

I am beside myself with glee because I have a bicycle now.
I will finally be able to BrooklynCrush!

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