Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Disembodied Pinata Head.

In an attempt to not get arrested. This year Stacey substituted
a fireworks with a Donkey Pinata. I smashed it up in the same
spot that fireworks got let off last year. Josh hid an Ice in it, but
the blows with a hockey stick broke the ice up before I could be
forced to ingest it.


Left for dead like the city in which it resides.
The Mustang had lost none of the presence
it was born with nearly 50 years ago.

Hold on, you'll have your day.

Hat Day.

Cannot believe she didn't buy this. Would
have been perfect for the next Royal Wedding.

Eastern Market.

While home in Michigan for Cate's graduation,
I went back to my old stomping grounds. Detroit
is for the most part, as I left it, with a few exceptions.

The city is beautiful and while the population is on
the decline, it is cultivating the shrinkage nicely.

Eastern Market was blowing up on Saturday.

2011 MSU Graduation, ft. Caitlin Callahan. Part Deux.

Cate Graduates.

Dad looks on with pride.

We're all very proud, Cate. Give the working
world some hell.

2011 MSU Graduation, ft. Caitlin Callahan.

I am proud to relay that my sister has graduated
from college very much on time. After a shaky
start, Cate hunkered down and attended a few
summer semesters to get everything in on time.
Steve Wozniak was given an honorary doctorate
from MSU and he spoke (very randomly) about
life and what the meaning to it is.

Cool dude regardless of his, sometimes rambling,
diatribes on his experiences.

Menna's Joint. East Lasing, MI

Terrible Service.

Mediocre "Dub's" (Breakfast Burrito).

Cool Tables.

First Pub Ride of the Year!

The Alchemy, Mickeys, Crystal Corner, Up North.

An extraordinary evening that was unfortunately ruined
by the Red Wings losing in overtime.

Easter Sunday: Kwame's first birthday!

A slightly delayed posting, this past Easter Sunday marked
the first anniversary of Kwame's birth. To celebrate, we got
him a (complimentary) bone cake from City Hall Pets and
we melted some peeps.

Good sugary day!