Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 MSU Graduation, ft. Caitlin Callahan.

I am proud to relay that my sister has graduated
from college very much on time. After a shaky
start, Cate hunkered down and attended a few
summer semesters to get everything in on time.
Steve Wozniak was given an honorary doctorate
from MSU and he spoke (very randomly) about
life and what the meaning to it is.

Cool dude regardless of his, sometimes rambling,
diatribes on his experiences.


  1. How did your dad get that big belly? Doesn't he ever ride his bike?

  2. Now, I'm not saying anything about your depth of field, but, if you look at this picture, you will see that you are clearly in focus, but, the family is a little "soft focus"....Just offering a little help here...LOL