Monday, March 15, 2010

White Manna.

Bradley rented a ZipCar and drove me out
to Velocity 17 in New Jersey to do some
karting. The Karting was hit and miss, the
karts would run slow for laps at a time for
no reason and speed up unexpectedly. Both
Bradley and I made the leader board for the
weekend which was nice. However, we were
racing against people from New Jersey, so it
was a hollow victory.

After the Racing, we ran over to White Manna
in Hackensack. This is a gem of a diner left over
from a bygone era. They make decent sliders and
they serve Dr. Pepper, more than enough reason
for you to visit, should you ever find yourself
in Hackensack New Jersey.

And let us just hope that never happens.

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