Sunday, August 9, 2009

I (Double Happiness) Shanghai.

As much as I might seem to hate on Shanghai,
or lament my decision to travel here for such
a long period of time in my young life, a part
of me has really taken to the City. I feel that
it is similar to my infatuation with Detroit.
Detroit is by no means a perfect City, on the
contrary it has managed to continuously scare
the hell out of me through my various mis-
adventures. However, it is through these near
misses where I gain an appreciation for life
and the various parts of the world I have been
able to explore thus far in life.

Would I change Shanghai? Well, If I was going
to live there permanently, without a doubt. But
for those unhinged 6 months, it was the perfect
experience for a young designer getting his
bearings in the world and I wouldn't change a
thing about it.

Well, it would have been nice to have all my friends
there too.

But I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

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