Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lamborghini Hongzhou.

China's affluent lifestyle.

Funny little story accompanies this photo.
So, the little sign that is posted on the windows
and the small "wet floor" sign. It was translated
for my by my Chinese friend Amanda. It read
something along the lines of "No entry, customers
only". This was written in Traditional and Simplified
Chinese Characters, but not in any latin based
languages. As I walked into the store without hesitation,
the sales assistant smiled and nodded at me in a very
welcoming manner. While I ogled/drooled over the
new Gallardo and Murcielago, a set of French gentlemen
walked into the store and perused the Italian desire
generators. However, I could not help but notice their
Chinese guide dutifully waited outside the showroom,
taking heed of the sign. I may be looking into this too
much and could be way off, but doesn't it look like the
sign was put out there to keep Chinese people out of
the store while not alienating any westerner? This
revelation made me so upset I decided not to buy the
new Gallardo from them.

That and the fact that at my current rate of pay ($300)
per month, I would have to save for 1000 months. This
equation does not factor in the cost of eating.

Having said that, the new Gallardo is much nicer in person
than in photographs. It was so nice to get up close and look
at it from all angles. I was even able to touch it a few times
as the sales person looked the other way.

The new rear end works. Even though I didn't mind the old
body style. The horizontal elements really exaggerate the
amazing width of that rear end. And Lamborghini is all about
exaggeration and hyperbole.

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