Sunday, August 9, 2009


The day we headed out to the Great Wall,
we had a few options to get there. Buying
a Taxi for the day, 3 Guided Tours or
Renting a Limo for the day. The most
flexible plan was to go with the Limo.
We got a Driver and an A6L for 8 hours
and pricing was comparable with the other
options that gave you little freedom with
the rest of your day. We visited the Ba Da Ling
section of the Great Wall and were finished
within 4 hours of arriving. With our free time
visited the Olympic Village and checked out
the Birds Nest and Water Cube. Pretty nice

I should clarify that we had the option of an
A6L, S-Class and 7 Series. We opted for the
A6 as a tribute to Tony D'Alessandro.

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