Sunday, August 9, 2009


A good thing I have taken from this experience
is humility. As I was taking pictures of this
decrepit bicycle, I came to the realization that
someone loves this bike intensely and depends
on it for living. It isn't aluminum, the wheels
are not carbon and there isn't a single gold
anodized accessory on the entire bike. As an
American I have grown accustomed to a
certain lifestyle and quality of life. During my
time in Shanghai I gained a certain appreciation
for the life I have been blessed with back home
in America. It is great to go abroad and immerse
yourself in different cultures, but it's reassuring
to know that one of the best communities in the
world is waiting for you.

I don't know why a bicycle made me come to this
revelation, but I am glad it did.

Also, after reading the above post, I made myself
seem like Jane Goodall living with the Apes.

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