Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sky High Sports: Naperville, Illinois.

Last weekend Kate and I drove down to Naperville to meet
up with Nick and Lisa. Why Naperville? Sky High Sports,
thats why. A huge industrial complex houses this huge
space filled with trampolines. Fairly reasonable rates
meant an amazing amount of little ones running around.
To avoid the parent hate, we opted to rent out the back
"private party" room for an hour. Best decision we made
all weekend. After maintaining a bounce while playing a
free-for-all/gender based game of dodgeball for an hour,
your legs are cooked! This is a reality that I had often
dreamed about as a youth and the novelty does not wear
off. I delighted myself each time I was able to make some
crazy corner wall to wall transition with the inevitable
dodgeball headshot at the end.

Go to there.

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