Saturday, April 11, 2009

C S'

With my newly acquired group of
fluently english speaking expat homies,
I went to dinner where we met up 
with even more english speaking
expats. The restaurant was 1001
Nights, killer middle eastern food.
It got hella expensive though. I did
not order any drinks and tried not
to eat as much food which was a 
mistake because at the end we all
split the bill, so I essentially paid
for a percentage of everyones food/
drinks that I did not ingest. Later
we went to C S' which was a bar/club
that was a pretty even mix of Expats
and Locals. The group was pretty 
cool with letting me just take 
pictures and not pressuring me into
drinking and stuff. Pretty decent 
crowd. All early to late 20's. 

The international crowd.

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