Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lamborghini LP-670 SuperVeloce

Ill Car. It brings Lamborghini back to 
that 1980's-1990's Countach/Diablo
madness. Lamborghinis have been,
with the exception of the Reventon,
on the tame side. Don't get me wrong
they look amazing, but without weird
exposed carbon fiber, ludicrous wings
and chin-splitters. 

There is a story that accompanies this 
too. So, the show was extremely crowded.
Probably in the 400,000's at the expo just
on Saturday. Well, somebody decided it 
would be a grand idea to stick Jaguar,
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bentley, 
Rolls Royce and Stile Bertone in the 
same room. In true Italian Car Company
fashion, the brands took up twice the 
space as a normal manufacturer to display
two cars with 15 feet of border around 
them. When all these exotic brands are
put together in one room, that 
dramatically reduces the walking spaces
for exhibition goers. Tie this fact in with 
the average Shanghai-ers lover for shiny
expensive things, the room was packed 
solid with people. I was all fine an good
with this fact, just pinballing into the 
crowd and moving slowly around the 
room when something inside me snapped.
All of the pushing on the subways, in stores,
on the street and at the Motor Show got 
to me. I am physically larger than 90% of 
the people, but my up bringing has instilled
in me a courtesy to every human being I 
encounter. It dawned on me that getting
walked on was doing me a disservice as I
would not be getting the full Shanghai
Experience. So, every basketball/football/
hockey lesson I ever received shot out of
me like some uncaged animal. I "Moses-ed"
the sea of Chinese people in front of me and
before I knew it I was front row center for 
a viewing of this magnificent machine.

The scary thing is I sort of got some sick
pleasure out of it.

I look forward to pushing again.

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