Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lunch and New Hombres.

So, after the crash, I went to SpeedCats and met up with
these guys. On the left is Edward, a forestry surveyor from
New Zealand. On Edward's left (your right) is Ken. Ken is
from Singapore and he works for ezeebikes which is a
manufacturer of electric bikes that sells mostly to the
European Market. On the far right, who is only a knee in
this photo is Tyler, from Waterloo, Ontario. He is an
architecture intern in Shanghai and photographer as well.
In the bottom photo, I am shooting with his 15mm lense,
which explains the perspective. Later, he let me shoot 
with that beautiful L-Series glass that it on his Rebel XT
in the photo. Solid dudes. Ed just got here 5 Days ago, so
we got him set up with a bike at SpeedCats, which they
are going to build in 5 days for him (mind you, its taking
them 3 days to source and re-lace my wheel). As soon 
as I am rolling again we are going to try and get a bike
polo league going. 

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