Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ryan gets a Haircut in Sign Language.

It is starting to get ridiculously hot out
and my hair was starting to get out of 
control so I nervously went to go get 
my hair cut. As I entered the Barber
Shop I was greeted by 3 girls that spoke
to me in Chinese and then giggled when
I said "Ting Bu Dong" (I don't understand)
and proceeded to make a haircutting gesture
with my index and middle fingers. They
kindly directed me to a seat where I was
given the following services. 

Neck Massage
Scalp Massage
Head Scratching
Ear Cleaning
Neck Massage (Again)
Hair Cut
A Pomegranate Juice
Straight Shave
Blow Dry

I was pretty nervous as half of the staff
surrounded me to watch the westerner
get his hair cut. The girl who did the 
cutting had the same hair as Linda from
the movie "The Wedding Singer", which
did nothing to calm my nerves. When all
was said and done, I had a really weird 
Tony Danza from "Who's the Boss" hair
cut. I was directed to the counter where
I was given the price for the above services.

15RMB. That is just a few cents north of 
2USD. Let that register. In America you
would be stretched to find Pomegranate 
Juice for 2 dollars. And, after I left I did
my swoopy thing and my hair was fine

I also shaved my mustache but I am not 
ready to drop that bomb on you, so I
photoshop'd one on.