Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birth Day to Me?

So, the birthday is coming up on tuesday and I checked out
the local electronics mart to see if they had and sick glass
for me to pick up. Turns out the T1i has been released and
in Asian markets they call it 500D (which is way better 
sounding than T1i). I know that my camera is fine and I
would probably benefit from some better lenses over a 
new dSLR. There are a few nice EF-S lenses that I could
pick up for a comparable price, but there are some sweet
features that the 500D has like Full HD video, 15.1 mp's
and a basket full of features borrowed from the 5D MkII.

Problems are, the next generation Canon cameras use a 
different battery, so my battery grip will not work. 

Aside from that, the fact that Jackie Chan sponsors it and
I can get the cooler (500D) name here are big pluses. 


  1. Get the 500D and a Canon 35 F2 or Sigma 10-22 IMO

  2. I have been looking all over for that Canon 35mm. Prime lenses are really hard to come by out here. I think I am going to go through with it on the 500D. I have been reading all the reviews since Canon announced it 3 months ago and it seems like the next logical step. HD Video here I come.

    Hows the 5D MKII treating you?