Saturday, May 2, 2009

Half-Way Day: China Strikes Back

So, I am 90 days in with 90 days to go and I am feeling 
pretty comfortable. I think to myself, "Ryan, you have all
of the luxuries of home that you are used to. If you want
Pop-Tarts or Dr.Pepper you know where to get them. You
have this whole thing under control" rather smugly as I
pound down the last of my Dr.Pepper reserves. So I set 
out to the City Shop, where I fully expect to find a small
cache of Dr.Pepper lining the soda aisle. I march into the
store, excreting my Dr.Pepper Bravado. I arrive to the
stand where I have found my precious cola one multiple
occasions in the past, only to find my prize missing. In 
its place, 4 Diet Dr. Peppers mixed into a mountain of
Sprite and A&W Root Beers. In my frenzied disbelief, I
grab a Cherry Coke and a Vanilla Coke in an attempt to 
make up for the lack of the real thing.

Hubris is my fatal flaw. Today China took advantage of

90 more days of Shanghai. 90 more days of Desideratum.

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  1. Dude.... school's out. I can breath. Let's Skype soo