Sunday, May 10, 2009

Panda. Monium.

It was pretty hot out today, so the Pandas
were indoors. Needless to say, there was
a substantial crowd clamoring for a shot
of this majestic beast. I had a few nicer
shots of the panda itself, but I chose this
image for the blog because A) it captured
the mood of the room , that being a frantic
room filled with people taking pictures of a 
few pandas lazing about, elbows jettisoning 
out into frames as autofocuses get confused
and select the wrong subject and B) it clearly 
displays how much taller I am than the average 
Chinese person.

Plus, blurry panda = cute panda


  1. First- I want more! Second-where is the dedication of this post to me! That is all.