Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canon Communication Space Shanghai

So, after talking with the flagship Canon Store in Shanghai
and ordering a 500D body and a new Lens, I spotted this
building that had the Canon logo plastered all over it. I 
went to check it out to compare prices, only to find that 
they did not sell product. What they did do was showcase 
every product Canon currently produces, from huge plotters
to Camcorders. The neat thing is that you can test drive all
of their products for free. I popped my CF card into a 5D MKII
and shot around a bit then tried out some L-Series glass on
my lowly Xti, it was pretty neat. The best part was the dueling
1Ds MK III's that they had with gargantuan lenses pointing out
the window. You could see facial expressions from 200 yards 
away like they were in the room. The auto focus on those lenses
were stupid fast and hella precise. The setup was well over $20k. 

Camera Porn.


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