Friday, May 1, 2009

Labor Festival.

Some of you may be wondering why I
was out taking pictures all day and not
at work on a Friday. Well, May 1st is
the Labor Festival here in China. I do
not know what it stands for/represents,
but it gave me the day off, so I am totally
down with it. 

I set out on my walk today to find a 
more efficient route to the People's
Square. While I did find a better way
to get there, the best find of the day 
was this small street that was filled
with "Massage Parlors" (and yes
when I use quotation marks around
"Massage Parlor" it means it is a 
brothel). I did not have the nerve to
enter any of the said brothels to take
pictures, but I did get a few glimpses
as I walked by the doors. Maybe I
will work up some courage to do 
some walk-by photography to let
you guys see the Chinese "Massage

This one was called New Era Cram

I see humor is not lost on the Chinese.

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