Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike Polo.

So, this is a continuation of the last post. Blogger has been
touchy (what with all the work-arounds I am using ) and 
I have not been able to post until today. So, Bike Polo was
pretty fun. Remarkably Chinese in the sense that it was 
pretty much half thought out and cheap. We used an empty
parking lot next to an ice rink (half way though, the Zamboni
came though and dumped a mound of ice onto the court). 
The mallets are in no way uniform as they are all home 
made by different people. There was a moderate mix of
expats and locals. Throughout its entirety there was a
sizable crowd of locals who were checking up on us. Fun
was had by all and afterwards, I still managed to make 
it home all the way across Shanghai at night safely. 


The top gentleman is Mace, an Australian expat who was 
completely nuts when it came to Polo. On several occasions
he dove head first over handle bars at an attempt to score.

The blurry gentleman is Tyler, he is the guy who spearheaded
the Bike Polo league. You can tell he genuinely enjoys playing.

Don't get me wrong, I like playing it, but not enough to bike 
half way across Shanghai at night 3 times a week. 


  1. Ry, did you wear your helmet? Be careful, Dad and Fiona are almost there. I am looking forward to your posts in Beijing. I want to see the Great wall through your eyes. Your return flight is all set. Hugs, Mom