Sunday, April 18, 2010

Salsa Roja Tortada.

So, I caught a healthy dose of tBell advertising while watching
game 2 on Friday. This new product is apparently is supposed
to be "Taco Bell's answer to the Sandwich", which I had always
thought was the Burrito.

Turns out, its just a squared crunch wrap without the crunch


Side Story:
When I arrived, the Manager of the Taco Bell was outside having
his smoke break and he hollered at me as I was exiting my car,
"So you drove your STI all the way from Michigan to MY Taco
Bell", I laughed and then we talked for a good ten minutes about
Sun Prairie. His name was Ryan also. Then as I sat eating, a cute
girl pulled up in the drive through line and we smiled at each other
because we were both wearing wayfarers. As said cute girl pulled
ahead in her Saleen Edition SVT Focus, I noticed she too had plates
from Michigan! (The one with the sunset over the Mackinac Bridge).
As I sat thinking how weird it was to have so many weird Michigan
references in one Taco Bell sitting in Sun Prairie, Wisco I turned
to see a lady walking in with a vastly oversized Red Wings sweater.
At this point, I realized the Red Wings game was starting in 20

I quickly gathered my things and silently walked out the door and
tried to make sense of what just happened.

To Recap:
Guy notices I am from Michigan, named RYAN.
Cute Girl in Focus from Michigan, my Sunglasses.
Old lady with 5 kids, Reminds me the hockey game I want to watch
is steadfastly approaching.
Taco Bell food, sub par but too cheap to ignore.

Like an episode of the Twilight Zone.


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  2. Always proud to be approved of by the readership.