Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Bike Day: T1

I took delivery of my first Trek yesterday.
I was walking out and Robert, another
designer stopped me as I walked by with
my Raleigh and asked me "When are you
going to start riding a Trek?" to which
I responded with how I ordered my T1
two weeks ago and had not heard about
it being delivered yet. He said it had
probably been delivered a few days ago
and they probably just didn't know who
I was yet because I was so new. Sure enough
right on top of a pile of bike boxes was a
60cm T1 with my name on it. We absconded
with it into a nearby shop and assembled
the bike, fitted it to my body and snugged
everything up. I got so excited I chose to
ride that home instead of the Raleigh.

Man, is the T1 fast. I suppose I am not
helping the Raleigh out by outfitting it
with boat anchors for wheels. The gear
ratio is a little short, nothing a new cog
would not fix, but aside from that, it is
an awesome addition to my collection.

Steal is Real but Aluminum and Carbon
are stupid light.

And on top of this, the Red Wings won.

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