Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road Dawg: Family Restaurant.

After making out like bandits with our free fireworks,
Staceofbase and I decided to try some of Beloit's local
fare. We headed over to Road Dawg (for obvious reasons).
My spicy chicken sandwich was decent and the Cookies 'n'
Cream malt was definitely "blog worthy".

Other cool things about Road Dawg:
-Peg games at the table to occupy patrons.
-High School prom sitting 30 feet away.


  1. Who is that extremely attractive dish in the picture? All I can see is the pearly white smile which usually accompanies any woman with a large chocolate sundae in front of them

  2. You know son, you can build a long term meaningful relationship with a female by just buying them all the ice cream they can eat...