Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sun Prairie 911.

So, apparently, lighting off fireworks that make noise is
an illegal thing to do in Wisconsin. Shortly after walking
away from our display, the 5-0 rolled up on our group and
asked if we had been lighting off any fireworks.

Stacey and Jason said that we were completely innocent
and that we had just crossed paths with some unsavory
characters walking west. Then Stacey asked which way
west was. After the cop said he watched us light them off
from his desk (as I said, we lit them off in front of the
police station), we admitted guilt. They asked who would
be taking full responsibility, we huddled up and talked
about it until the officer said it would only be a warning.
As soon as we found out that there would be no ramifications,
I admitted to purchasing the fireworks and would thusly
jump on this hand grenade.

The officers were really cool. While one was writing my
warning, the other dispatched Stacey and Jason to clean
up the fireworks. We talked about his night and how he
had to break up a stabbing earlier.

As I got my ticket, I asked the gentlemen if I could take
pictures of the tickets and put them on the internet. They
chuckled and unison and departed with a, "It's your warning,
do whatever the hell you want with it!".

Good dudes.

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