Sunday, May 23, 2010

T1 Drops it like it's hot.

After replacing my broken plastic cages
with some sturdier metal pieces that had
accommodation for double-izers should I
ever be feeling saucy, I decided since I will
be riding the T1 the majority of the time, I
should equip it with some of my nicer bits.

First stage: Handlebars. I replaced the stock
Bontrager cockpit (stem and bars) for the
one off of my Raleigh. The extra steer tube
length looks a little funny, but one can imagine
the finished product.

I took it for a small shred around the block and
I am completely pleased with the result. The flipped
Thompson stem and Nitto B-123AA bars feel
amazing and the difference in drop is radical. I
can feel my body pushing way harder when I am
on the drops and it is still respectably comfortable
when I keep my hands toward the stem. Also, there
is a slight weight drop over the factory cockpit.

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