Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review: Bontrager Oracle.

In preparation for RAGBRAI, I have begun
testing the 2012 Bontrager Oracle helmet.
The Oracle is a new offering from Bontrager
as well as it's first appearance in the high-end
road helmet category. The Oracle is currently
used exclusively by the LEOPARD TREK road
team and the example I will be wearing is an
early prototype with "Belgacom" decals
(Before the team was officially titled
LEOPARD TREK, it went by that designation).
The color is also slightly off the finalized
LEOPARD TREK color way, but the graphic
scheme is right on. Functionally, the helmet
is significantly lighter than the Trek Circuit that
it replaces. It has noticeably more airflow through
the larger vents as well. Fit is a huge improvement
with the form sitting lower on the head giving a
"safer" impression to the rider. Aesthetically, I
think that the pictures speak for themselves. The
helmet is straight out of the future.

I feel like a velociraptor when I wear it and that
is really all you need to know.


  1. Looks like a brain bucket to me....