Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trek Store Naples.

We visited the Trek Store in Naples/Estero and I was
instantly greeted by Veruca, the shop Boston Terrier. I
had never seen a shop dog in a Trek Concept Store, so
I was delightfully surprised that the first encounter was
the best kind of dog! Veruca is there unofficial mascot
and is even included on the stores racing kits. It took
everything in my power not to buy the kit (I have 6
already and it was like $180) . But I thought I would
give this little plug to the store should you ever be in
town. We rented Pure's out of there rental fleet and
toured the beach scene in Naples.

If you do swing by, say hey to Veruca for me.

Link to the stores employee page that highlights Veruca's
contributions to the store:

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