Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carrollwood Bicycles.

I took a short research trip down to the
Tampa area to speak with dealers and
get updates on what they are looking
for out of products.

Central Florida is a crazy place because
the mainly deal in opposite ends of the
spectrum. You are catering to low mobility
aging baby boomers who are very price
conscious (i.e. we're fighting with the
junk you buy at Walmart) and on the
other end, there is a huge high-end
road/triathlon market with crazy P1
Madone and Speed Concept builds.

To some customers we can't justify how our
$350 Navigator is worth the price increase
over a junk Mongoose. To some customers
there is a 6 month wait-list for a bespoke
$15,000 road bike with a cool paint job
that weighs 13lbs and is made in Waterloo,


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